Monday, February 25, 2008

Greetings from the Quist's!!
First of all, to back up just a bit, our holidays were wonderful - however fast and furious. We did enjoy the time together. One of the highlights of our holidays (especially now in light of recent events) was hearing the King Singers at the Conference Center. We were able to go on Sunday morning for the broadcast and mini concert. The First Presidency was there, and in true form for the King Singers, they did a fabulous performance!! At the end of the mini concert, all of the King Singers were given a book with their genealogy in it. Then, they talked to President Hinckley, and sang "Danny Boy" for him. It was a real treat for us to see and hear.
January has had it's share of fun for us. We started off the year with our dog Pippin biting Kaijsa and having to take her to Primary Children's and having a hand surgeon sew her hand together after a very nasty bite! FYI: We have since taken Pippin to a Golden Retriever Rescue, and they informed us that they are sending him to Colorado to train to be a Police drug/search & rescue. (Good news for all of us, who were sad that we had to get rid of him.)
Ian has been busy swimming, and doing very well, especially for his freshman year.
Jakob has been doing great with scouts, and school is keeping him busy.
The highlight of our month was going with Heidi & Warren to the temple!! It was a special treat to have Grandpa officiate the session, and Grandma to assist. It was so nice to have the support there for them. Thank you to all of those who were there. It meant a lot to them to have you there.
Later in the month, Paul & I were able to go spend a week in Las Vegas for a convention that Paul attended for work. However, our long awaited vacation getaway sadly turned into Paul getting the flu the third day we were there, and spending the rest of the time in bed. We cut our stay short, and got him home where he made a very speedy recovery after receiving a blessing from Warren and Scott, (Warren's best friend.) It's very nice to have two Melchezidek Priesthood holders in our home!! We have made good use of it in the short time that Warren has had it.
And last, but certainly not least. We join the rest of you in sadness of President Hinckley passing away. We are happy that he is with his wife, and are so thankful for the great life that he lead!! He has made raising teenagers a little easier and we will miss him greatly.
We want to extend a personal invitation to all of you to come and hear Heidi & Warren speak on the 24th. Our meeting is at 9:00 a.m. - sorry for the early hour. We will be getting together here at our home afterwards for visiting and eats. See the insert for address and directions.
We love you all, and appreciate your prayers & support right now!! Heidi & Warren feel your thoughts and prayers.
See you soon!!
The Quist's

We have had an uneventful month until this last week. We've just been dealing with the extremely cold weather and all the snow that has come with it. There is so much snow there is no place to put it in our yard when we have to plow the driveway. My parents currently have snow hills that are taller than their camper. Unfortunately, there is just no end in site and with it comes horrible roads and horrible hours for Scott. We had a reality check on Thursday just how dangerous his job can be. While stopped, checking on a crash a car came up behind Scott's patrol car and smashed into it. Much to my horror I heard him call out on the scanner that he had just been in a 1050 (crash) and needed a 1052 (ambulance). I was a little hysterical. My biggest fear about his profession had just come true. I've decided that the faith of our children, who ask every night that he come home safely, had just been put in action. His Charger will most likely be totaled, as the whole back end was smashed in but thankfully Scott was not injured. The ambulance was for the man who was walking back to Scott's car and was hit by the Charger as it got hit from behind. They took Scott to the hospital as a precaution and everything looked fine. He ended up finishing the rest of his shift and working 3 hours of overtime. I think I was more shook up that he was. I teased him that if he didn't want to be 30 he should have taken care of that before his birthday so he could always be 29! For his birthday we were irresponsible and did something we talked about for years - we went to the Price is Right! It was so much fun. We flew in on Monday afternoon and got up at 5:00 Tuesday morning and spent all day just for an hour of entertainment and it was worth every minute! It was neat to see how they do everything and to be a part of the audience. We almost missed our plane home but we had a great time!! Ryan has been busy this month reading like crazy. They have buttons that they earn and he is determined to get all of his. He is currently in one of the top reading groups and is doing great! His highlight for the month was coming with me to my baby check up and hearing the heartbeat. Jaydee was not happy that she didn't get to go so I'll be taking her with me next week! She has also requested that we find out what sex the baby is going to be because it would be fun to have a sister that she can match with. Gage on the other hand is just trying to figure out how there is a baby in my tummy and why he can't see it. When asked if he wants a brother or a sister, he replys he wants a brother so he can be a big brother like Ryan. I try to explain that he will be a big brother either way but in his mind it will only be the case with a brother. Go figure! Anyway, now that I have rambled on, I hope this finds everyone well! Take Care!!!

Dear Family,
To begin with, congratulations to Heidi and Warren on receiving their endowments. And thank you for asking the we officiate and be part of yout Temple ceremony. It was special to us. And also special to have Shawn and Heather as witnesses. I talked to Jim, the session coordinator the next week about the session and how special it was and he said that he didn't connect the Neilson names until he got up to the session room and then it dawned on him that there must be a connection there. The session coordinators always offer a prayer before they select the witnesses.
Took some swallowing of pride, but enjoyed going up to the 'U' to watch Jared perform at the basketball game between the 'U' and Dixie College. It was more to see Jaed peform at a cheerleader than anything else. Who would have ever thought......
Prayers were answered the Dad received the report that his his PSA test came back good and Mom received the report that everything is well after her mammogram. We are so grateful that we enjoy the health that we do and are able to accomplish the things we do.
We received some bad news from Aberdeen in January. The group leader of the military has prostate cancer and had surgery and our Stake President there has suffered some seizures, both not good news. Also received the news that they are no longer allowed to hold Church services on the Post. That is terrible news and very disappointing as now the LDS seravicemen there have no contact with the Church. Don't know exactly what happened, but evidently it was a combination of the Chaplains not liking the Church and the Senior Couple there being a little too aggressive. Wkhatever it was the soldiers are the losers and it breaks out hearts, as we learned to love the soldiers there so much and saw how much that they needed contact with the Church.
Enjoyed going out and seeing Ashley and Mekell perform in their school play. They know as much about countries as we did when we were in Jr. High School.
Since they don't allow lepers in the Temple, Mom has been doing a solo there for the past couple of weeks. Even though we may not see each other there during our shift, it just isn't the same knowing that one of us is not there. Hopefully Dad will be able to go back next week.
It just doesn't seem possible that President Hinckley is no longer with us. Of course the Work will go on, but for a while at least there will be something missing. We feel that way when any President dies, but some seem to be a little more special.
It has been good to have Jason out with us the past few days. Enjoyed the tubing out in the back yard particularly. Please keep him in your prayers.
Hope all is well with each of you. So thankful that Scott and Jenni were not hurt in the accidents that they were involved in.
We love each of you and you are always in our prayers.
Love, Mom and Dad
Well here we are half way through February allready,..WOW,..where did January go?I've been keeping busy studying for the National Baord Certification Exam, and building a clientele for private practice. That has and will continue to be my primary focus right now. It's a slow process, or at least has been for me, but continues to grow. I was deeply saddend by the passing of President Hinkley, as I'm sure you all were. I know that it was expected news, but for me, it didn't seem to lessen the great sense of loss and sadness, at the announcement of his death. His passing had a more profound impact on me then perhaps I thought it would. I took the opportunity to go down to the conference center, where I joined Michelle, at his viewing. It was very moving. It reminded me of when I was a small boy, and went to President McKay's viewing. I was impressed by his life and great legacy of faith and leadership, as I watched the several documentaries shown about his life. The funeral services were very moving, expecially the bag pipes at the cemetary playing "Oh Danny Boy", and of course "Amazing Grace". That following weekend, I went to "Music and the Spoken Word", were they dedicated the entire program to President Hinkley. After the program was over, LLoyd Newell, came to the front of the Tabernacle, and asked President Hinkley's Sons and Daughters and their spouses who were all in attendance, to please come up to join him on the stand. He then told us about the fact that President Hinkley had been the "Advisor" to the Tabernacle Choir since 1971,...a calling that he held dear, and one that he kept throughout his calling as an Apostle, and as President of the Church. He then turned the microphone over to Craig Jessop, conductor of the Mormon Tab. Choir, who then introduced the Hinkley Family, and stated that he had a presentation to give them from the chior. He stated that some time ago a memeber of the choir took his personal group photograph of the choir, and photoshopped or superimposed President Hinkley's face and head over one of the Choir members heads in the middle of the baritone section, and then presented this framed picture to President Hinkley, to show that he was now as official member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.President Hinkley was got quite a kick out of it , and in fact kept that photograph in his office.Criag Jessop then told the family, we know how dear that photograph was to your father, and so as not to have to see anyone argue over who got it, this same choir member has made 5 more just like it, one for each member of the family. President Hinkley's oldest son then thanked the choir for their love of his father, and very graciously stated that they as a family would not accept any accolades or credits regarding their father's legacy or work, and that in fact probably his most difficult work along with that of their mother, was to raise his family, and we all feel that he did a very good job there too. They then turned and faced the choir as they sang for them, "God be with you til we meet again". There was hardly a dry eye in the place.I wanted to share that experience with you all, and for those of my brothers and sisiters who live out of town, you'll soon be recieving the program from that "Musick and the Spoken Word", which contains the program devoted to President Hinkley, as well as a program of President Hinkley's Funeral. They had some extras that I was able to get for the family as a rememberance.I'm very glad that I was able to share in these experiences as it greatly facilitated the grieving process for me, and made it much more complete. The same weekend of President Hinkley's Funeral, my friend Josh was in town for one day, to visit family and friends, and I had a chance to visit with him and rekindle our friendship. His time was very limitted, but it was great to spend a few hours with him while here.That's about it for the January epistle. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day!,.. and tell you all that I Love and appreciate your expressions of love, your prayers, and all that you do in support of me. Love Ya!Uncle Jay

The Peacocks
Howdy from Herriman! I think we have finally dug out of the snow from the past few weeks. We still have a mound of snow in our front yard that is higher than the porch. Church was actually canceled last week due to the snow storm and accompanying horrible drifts with the wind. They literally couldn’t get the parking lot of the church shoveled out due to the wind. We are ready for some warmer temps pretty soon.
Our biggest news/hassle this month has been car issues. Our "check engine" light came on at the beginning of the month and it is amazing how one little light can indicate SO many problems. To make a very long story short...when we bought the Sequoia back in August, we did so with the sole understanding that it had an extended warranty and we checked to make sure it was transferrable. When we went to use said warranty, we found out that the company had gone bankrupt and the new company was not allowing transfers, even though the warranty was still active. After a million phone calls, etc. the guy we bought the car from really worked with us and we got it somewhat figured out. In the midst of all this, Rob had to take a business trip to Virginia.. Fun. After a week in the shop (and my sanity in serious question after not having a car all week), the warranty company says they will only put in a used transmission that is in Texas. So, we now have another week of waiting. Thanks so dad for letting us borrow the car so I can actually take the girls to kindergarten this week. We aren’t sure what we are going to do with the Sequoia once it is fixed - sell it or keep it. We will see. It is amazing how much time something like that can take up! Other than that, Rob has stayed busy helping shuttle carpool kids to school in his Honda, deal with car stuff, and was recently offered a promotion as a supervisor at work. He is still deciding on that one. He impressed the team at Virginia on his trip but was reminded of his dislike of traveling. I am staying busy with primary, kids, carpooling, etc. The glamorous life of being a mom. I am about to head full force into getting the girls’ room decorated which they are SO excited about. We enjoyed a nice Martin Luther King day at Mom and Dad’s while Rob was gone. We had a great time on the new sleigh riding hill at Mom and Dad’s. It was great fun! Thanks for all the help while Rob was gone. Cayden is doing great in school. He is currently working on a project to build a simple machine. He just finished his Greek mythology unit and did great. He is becoming quite a little reader and loves to read. He is also enjoying scouts and is excited to earn his Bobcat badge as well as a bead for his progress patch this month. He is well on his way to earning his Wolf and lots of arrow points and belt loops. He had a bad bout of the flu for a few days and was down in bed with a fever, chills, etc. but is doing better now. Ashlee is doing great in school. We just got report cards and she had straight A’s! What a miracle. She also sat down with me a few days ago and actually read a whole book to me. We know this is truly a blessing with her. She continually keeps us laughing. She currently has a whole group of "imbisible" (invisible) friends that she talks to. One of them is Sister "Lame-hart" (her primary teacher who is actually Sister Lainhart). She also tells us lately that she has different "episodes" like crazy episodes or angry episodes. Who knows where she gets this stuff!? She also currently makes sure that Grandpa knows that she is NOT his girlfriend! (This after Dad had told her that she was his girlfriend.) It is her favorite game with Grandpa right now. She did great on her school program on the different continents and both the girls really enjoyed having Grandpa and Grandma there. McKell is SO thrilled I am FINALLY doing her room. She has been agonizing over this for a while. She is also doing great in school with all A’s. She has become quite a little reader and is always trying to sound out new words and letters. She is such a great big sister to Sadie and Sadie is absolutely fascinated with McKell. Our home is beautifully decorated with all of McKell’s artwork that she is constantly doing. She is so creative and artistic. Little Miss Sadie is growing so big! She now weighs 18 lbs. No wonder my back is shot at the end of the day! She is such a sweet baby and keeps us all laughing. She now does this fake little laugh when she gets excited. She loves her exersaucer and takes it very seriously when she is in it. She loves watching the other kids play around and can’t wait to join in. She unfortunately had an ear infection this month which wasn’t fun, but it is all cleared up for now. She started on baby food and has taken to all the new foods really well.
Well, that is about it for us! Love ya!

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