Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 2008

The Peacocks
Hello from beautiful Herriman! The Peacocks are doing well. March kind of came and went in a hurry. We are more excited to have it go and for April to hopefully bring in some beautiful spring weather. The kids are getting very confused and frustrated with temps that are 65 one day and then 45 and snowing the very next day. Rob actually got paged this morning that Alpine Highway was closed due to blizzard like conditions due to the wind. Now, that is just wrong the day before April! The kids have loved the time they have been able to be outside on their bikes, playing soccer, going to the park, etc. We had a great Easter weekend. We headed up to Centerville for Rob’s family Easter egg hunt which was fun. We also had a great time at Mom and Dad’s for the Neilson Easter egg hunt. Cayden and McKell were both thrilled that they found golden eggs with a dollar inside. Ashlee was more concerned about seeing the cats, as usual. We also had a really neat Easter family home evening with the kids and it is always a special experience hearing the story of the atonement and crucifixion from your small children. Cayden actually became quite emotional and it really touched him a lot. It dawned on Ashlee that when we are resurrected that Rob will no longer be allergic to cats and dogs. She is now definitely gunning to be resurrected! We had a fun time dyeing Easter eggs with Mom and Dad. This has become a tradition that we really look forward to. We had a nice spring break at home. Rob took a few days off to be home and we had a lot of fun going to the zoo, having a few movie parties, etc. Rob and I enjoyed doing sealings at the temple this month with our ward. Thanks Mom & Dad for the temple babysitting service you have offered! Rob is doing great and enjoying work. He has been told he may need to go on a trip to Singapore, but we’ll see. I am really working hard on my business right now and hoping it goes well. So far, things have gone pretty well so I’ll keep plugging away at it as much as I can. Primary is going well, even though I about had a stroke yesterday when the youth took over primary so the teachers could go to the combined RS/Priesthood meeting. They did great. We have a very large primary, but a very good primary. I am looking forward to getting out in the yard and getting some things done that I have had to put off for 2 years due to moving to Idaho one summer and being pregnant with Sadie the next. The kids are excited to grow a garden. Cayden is loving school, scouts, and is thrilled that soccer starts this week. He is going like gangbusters in scouts and earning all kinds of awards. He is very excited to get to start piano lessons this week. He will be taking them from our bishop’s wife. I took him to the orthodontist last week with not good news. The doctor was flabbergasted at Cayden’s bite, teeth pattern, etc. There are 2 of his baby molars that apparently are fused to his jaw bone so they will have to be pulled. He will also have to have spacers for a few weeks before finally getting braces on his top teeth. I am not sure who is going to need more medication, me or him to get through this! We told him with what it is going to cost us, that this may be his Christmas, Birthday, etc. He didn’t think that was amusing or true. Ashlee is doing great in school. She has made lots of friends and amazes us with how well she is doing. She is working hard to make her bed each day and clean her room. McKell is excited to have yet another tooth loose. The orthodontist wants to look at her teeth when we go in for Cayden because her bite is so tight. She is loving school and looking forward to soccer season starting. Sadie is growing like a happy little weed. She is definitely vocal and expresses her opinion very well without saying a word! She had a bout with 2 ear infections this month which wasn’t fun. She had a fun time getting in a spitting match with Grandpa a few weeks ago and has now tried to carry that on with anyone who will do it. She is such a happy baby and brings so much joy and love to our home.

The Quists
Hey everyone - Hola!! From the Quists!! Suffice it to say, we are busy getting Heidi ready to leave on the 8th. So, for this month, this is the latest letter from the MTC from Elder Quist.
Hope all is well with everyone, and we will fill you in on the details next newsletter.Thank you for your love & prayers.
The Quist's
TARES AND THE AGES! I sent yuo guys a letter and it was good to hearfrom you! Also, I'm happy about Pippin! He should be awesome! Well, thelast few days have been the litteral translation of trying! It's awesometo be able to see the Lord give more responibility to the District nowthat we have proven that we can handle it! Ah! I love it here! But Ican't wait to get to Argentina! It will be awesome! Tayte has left butDoug Sass is now in my zone! I put more about it in my letter that Isent earlier today. Also, Dad, there's something special in there foryou. I hope you like it! Heidi- Remember that patience is going to save you for the next 18moths! Learn it NOW! There are Elders in here who haven't learned ityet.Ian- Score a goal for me! Give my love to the team and WORK HARD! Dogood in your English class. I know it's hard dealing with that type ofperson, but if you can learn how to now, you'll be that much fartherahead when you get to where I am!Jacob- How's that puppy you want coming along? Keep working for it.Before Mom and Dad will get you one you have to prove you can handle theresponsibility!Kaijsa- How the heck are you? I hope you are as excited as I am becauseexcitement is what makes the days go by! Remember to smile and begreatfule for all you have!Mom and Dad- Oh my gosh! I LOVE IT HERE!!! I have never been in a placeso much like home away from home! I can't wait to get down to Argentinabut I'm happy to learn while I'm here. Yesterday we taught for the firsttime the first discussion in Spanish! It was so awesome! The guy wetaught had take 5 years of Spanish in High School and College and wewere having to teach him some spanish phrases! He's actually going onhis mission to Brazil in June! So anyways, I have a lot to thank youfor and I don't think I'll ever have the time to do it. But I love youvery much and you're always in my prayers, which are in Spanish by theway.Ha Ha Ha. So on Tuesday we had an MTC devotional and at the openingprayer the person said it in English of course, but right at thebeginning I was like "what is she ... OH! Right! They still say Englishprayers!" It was pretty funny! My comp and I get along like "peas andcarrots"! We are a lot alike and we compliment each other in theteaching very well. So anyways, the pranks here are amazing, so watchout for when I get home!But all is well and I love you all very much!Heidi I can't tell you how much you need to buckle up! But not in thebad way! It's like in the way you buckle up for the funnest thrill-ridein the WORLD!!!Elder, what's my first name again? oh yeah!, Warren P. Quist

Mom & Dad
Dear Family,
Firstly, enjoyed going to Alex and Jordan's school basketball games. They play like a chip off the old block. Congratulations to Jordan for his team winning the championship!
Adios, Warren. Off for a great adventure. Haven't heard from him, but Miriam says that he is doing great--but what would you expect.
Enjoyed the trip to the Hogle Zoo with Marci and the kidlets. Also Michelle and Jason and Miki. And didn't even get clawed by a tiger.
We also enjoyed driving up American Fork Canyon and meeting Michelle and Jason and Kyle and Jules and Miki who were up there fishing. It was a little cool so we didn't stay too long. Took a short trip down memory lane on the way home. Stopped at what used to be the Crystal Hot Lakes where we would swim in the nude a lot and where Grandpa Steedman would come up and tell us that he was going to being his daughters up swimming and we needed to either put on our bathing suits or get dressed. Didn't have much choice as we didn't have bathing suits with us. Guess things have a way of working out, seeing as one of the swimmers there married one of his daughters. The Crystals are now surrounded by all of the commercial buildings up there and the big lake has been partially drained. It's sad.
Then we stopped at Grandma Steedman's old house and walked down where the spring house used to be and from where they got the drinking water. That is also sad as the spring house is no longer there and the spring has dried up. I guess it's like they say, you can't go home again, or at least if you do it's not the same.
Had an enjoyable Easter and hope that all of you did also. The weather was good and the kids had a good time on the egg hunt. We missed those of you who weren't able to be there.
Two books that everyone should read--THE HOLY TEMPLE by President Packer and
GO FORTH WITH FAITH, the biography of President Hinckley by Sherrie Dew.
Had a nice time celebrating Gage's birthday with Scott and Tiffany and the kids and Bob and Yvonne and Cade and Hailey. Never have there been so many golfers in one family. Perhaps a Tiger Woods?
It was good to see Jared and his girl friend (or as he would say, my friend that happens to be a girl. Ya)and have them for dinner. He seems to be doing well at Dixie
The Temple continues to go well and be enjoyable, especially when you get a chance to work with those who are either there for the first time or haven't been for a long time and are just returning. You can just feel the Spirit that is there and the joy and excitement of their being in the Temple.
That seems to be about all from this part of the world. Hope that all is well with all of you and yours. Love, Mom and Dad

Shawn, Heather and Family
Well HELLO from the Shawn and Heather Neilson family! It's been quite a while since we took sent anything in - sorry. Let's take a few minutes to tell you all of what has been going on. Okay, in the words or Indigo Montoya, "No - too much, let's sum up." - Heather and I participated again in the Moab 1/2 marathon and 5 mile run. Heather ran the 5-mile run with several friends/members of our ward. Her time was 52 minutes. She did great!! Shawn ran the 1/2 marathon and finished in 1 hour, 48 minutes. He was quite pleased with my time beings that he didn't have as much time to train as he would have liked. - Things in our ward have been a bit challenging lately. We had 2 members of our ward pass away from cancer. They actually passed away almost 24 hours from each other. One, a guy that I knew in high school named Seth Shaffer, age 37 has been fighting cancer for about the last 2 years or so. He's completely outlived the doctors expectations, but obviously is very young and leaves behind a wife and 6 children, ages 16 down to 9. The other, a woman named Vicki Bigelow also passed away from cancer. She was diagnosed last August and leaves behind a husband and 5 children - most of whom are married and one was married the week she passed away. Their youngest daughter is a laurel in the ward. Both remaining spouses are extremely wonderful people with the spiritual base it will take to make it through what lies ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are obviously with them still. They are wonderful people. The ward has been amazing and these challenging experiences have really brought us all closer. - On a happier note, the Neilson clan spent a wonderful week in Scottsdale with Melanie, Lexi, Madison, Austin, Brandon and Brian. It was a great week and as always, Melanie spoiled us rotten. It was beautiful weather, especially considering that since we've returned home, it's snowed twice and is supposed to do it again a couple of times over the next few days. We definitely miss the 80 degree temps. We stopped in Paige on the way down and did a tour of Glen Canyon dam. It was very fun. Once is Scottsdale, we had a great time with Mel and the gang swimming in the pool, hanging out playing games and having a wonderful Easter. We had the opportunity to go with Brian, Madison, Alex and Jordan to do baptisms for the dead at the Mesa temple. It was a great experience. We also attended the Easter pageant about the life of Christ at the Mesa temple (an outdoor pageant similar to the Manti pageant). We met Brian there and had a great time there as well. It was a wonderful pageant. Again, Melanie spoiled us and we had a very, very memorable time there as always. It's harder and harder to leave each year to come home. - Alex and Jordan both finished their school basketball seasons at American Preparatory Academy (the school they attend). Jordan's JV team won their age group championship and Jordan played very, very well. Alex's varsity team took third and lost to the team that eventually took the championship. Alex also played very well and led the team in scoring and just about everything else. They had a great experience. Their coach, who is a wonderful guy is going to take them and their team to a couple of camps this summer - one in Texas and the other in Washington. It should be fun for them. Alex is actually going to help coach. - The kids are all doing well in school, but are also very ready for it to be over for another year - thank you spring break. They're working hard and doing well. Mary is doing great in pre-school and loving every minute of being with the other kids socializing, etc. School work is definitely secondary, but she loves it. - Overall, we're doing very well. We're all healthy and life is treating us very well. We've been having great experiences and some trying ones as well, both of which are part of why we're here. For Christmas, we got the kids membership into Cosmo's kids club, and along with that, they get football and basketball tickets to BYU games. We have had a great time going to both football and most recently basketball games as a family. It's especially good since BYU is winning. It's been great. Well, we hope that all is well with each of you . Hopefully, we'll be much better about writing more regularly. We love you and think and pray for you all very, very often. Take care!!

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