Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Party 2008

We had a great Halloween party this year. Awesome costumes, delicious soups, yummy treats, fun games, etc. Here are a few photos of the crazy crew at the Halloween party.
Madi and Sadie - Madi is Sadie's self proclaimed Godmother. Poor Sadie was exhausted at this point! She really does love Madi.

Madi & Cassidy aka Hannah Montanna & Miley Cyrus
Bubbling Witch's Brew - Homemade Root Beer...YUM!

Spooky fingers coming out of the Guacamole!

Eyeballs! (Really mini cheeseballs) McKell & Ashlee had SO much fun making these with me. They especially loved it when I applied the "blood" and they applied the olive "pupils"

Witch's Broom Treats
The Quists (minus Heidi and Warren who we missed so much!)

The Peacocks
Our resident Cheerleaders - Anna, Juliann, and McKell. We officially adopted Juliann and her family to come to our family party. We are so glad they came!
Juliann, Anna, and Andrew

Derek (aka Captain BYU) and Melanie (sorry the picture is so dark!)
Our 2 hulks - Grandpa Hulk and Mini Hulk - Dad and Andrew
Wow, now THAT is scary! Dad and Mom
We had some others come as well, but I didn't get to the camera fast enough. I LOVE Halloween so doing this party is so much fun for me! I'm already looking forward to next year!

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